Att tänka på

Här är några punkter från tidigare år som också kan vara bra att fundera på:

Some Highligthed Items which might be on the checklist or not, but considered very important to be focused at.

Cessna 185/206 and similair aircraft types


· Flight control check
· Stabilizer
· Flaps
· Water rudder

Before takeoff

· Mental review on emergencies (engine failure at; on water, immediately after lift off, 500 ft, 1000ft)
· Point for stop or go decision (e g short water run area)


· Final items before take off: Fuel selector Both or if no Both option -L or R(Fullest Tank) – Stab trim – Flaps 20 degr – Mixture – Prop
· Full throttle – keep your hand on the throttle
· Check engine instruments (rpm – FF – oil pressure)
· Check air speed indicator

After liftoff

· Increase speed to around 80 – 85 kts
· Glassy water – ascertain postive climb to safe altitude
· Reduce to 25 / 25
· Flaps up at 300 ft

Coming into the landning circuit

· < 100 kts Flaps 10
· Circuits and reconnaissance keep between 85 – 95 kts
· On final latest, set flaps 20 degr as final flaps for landning (30 degr if short landning distance) and speed 85 kts
· Final checks to do on final latest 300 ft : Fuel selector both – Flaps – Mixture – Prop – (Amph: check gear up for water landning or gear down for landning on land)

Going around (always GO AROUND if landning deemed to be unsafe)

· Full throttle and be prepared for nose up movement
· Check correct rudder input (otherwise aircraft will veer left)
· Aim for speed at 80 – 85 kts