Ports and areas

Unlimited number of landing spots

A nice thing about flying seaplanes in combination with the many lakes and the long coast we have in Sweden is that this gives us pilots an infinite number of places to land and take off from. If you have checked that there is no protected area and that you are not disturbing it is almost free to land anywhere. 

Seaplane ports

There are a number of seaplane ports that are little more than just a nice place to land. In KSAB’s Swedish Airfields directory there are today about ten ports with detailed information. See www.pilotshop.se/en

In the map below, we have laid out the seaplane ports with contact details that we know of.

Other tips on landing sites

You don’t have to land at a seaplane port. There are many other beautiful places and information about some of these are also available via the map below.