Welcome to the Swedish Seaplane Association, SSA!

Flying seaplanes means that you are free to fly, but with responsibility. SSA wants the freedom to fly seaplanes to consist. We want to continue flying seaplane with high security. Therefore, we take our responsibility, by working with environmental issues and prudent use of our beautiful Swedish nature.

How do I become a member of the Swedish Seaplane Association, and what has the association to offer?

SSA serves as a non-profit organization protecting members’ interests by:

  • inform you of seaplane activities in Sweden and abroad on our website and by e-mail sendings
  • work to create the best conditions for seaplane flyers by being a referral body for  authorities, the aviation authorities, county councils and others.
  • continuously work on safety issues concerning seaplanes
  • hold Fly-Ins, meetings & training
  • conduct information and education activities on issues relating to seaplane
  • inform about high flight safety

    In addition to:
  • work for the individual’s right, within normal safety requirements, to operate with the seaplane in the least possible restrictions
  • be open to contacts with other organizations with similar interests
  • bring members´ action against the Swedish authorities, and if necessary assist in matters concerning flying seaplanes.