Flight security


This information is written by the Swedish Seaplane Association, SSA, and adressed to foreign seaplane operators visiting Sweden.

1. Generally you are free to fly in and out of Swedish lakes, rivers and along the coast line but it is important you are aware of the fact that there are restrictions.

2. First you must carry an updated aviation chart showing controlled areas, prohibited areas, restricted areas, national parks and reservations. It is your responsibility to obtain information regarding details in such restrictions. AIP-Sweden is one source.

3. In addition to above there are areas not normally published in readily available publications. Such areas may be locally restricted waters as lakes feeding drinking water facilities, bird migration or hatching areas, the later often restricted certain seasons. Other water areas have speed limitations, generally between 5 and 10 knots, and cannot then be used for take-offs or landings.

4. On water areas where you are legal to operate SSA highly recommends some voluntarily adopted rules essential for our continues freedom. When you have selected a water area from a reasonable high altitude at low power, make a lower power approach and after landing taxi to shore with moderate power. There are often fishing nets in the waters and watch for their markings. When leaving the area be aware that there are people around even if you don’t see any and they might not be so enthusiastic about seaplane flying as you are. Don’t taxi close to boats and docks. Check your engine in an area where you are not supposed to disturb anyone. With a controllable pitch propeller use such length for the take-off run that you don’t have to rev up the prop into the sound barrier.

5. It is all right to make a single landing or a touch-and-go in the way described above but please don’t use the same lake for repeated take-offs and landings.

6. Normal aviation regulations apply to seaplanes as well. Lowest altitude flying VFR is 500 ft above the terrain but over or near congested areas the minimum is 1500 ft. If possible select an altitude above these minimums.

SSA gives this information to save our own freedom. Any reckless operation of seaplanes will probably cause restrictions for us all. Please cooperate with us under our own device……