Under this section, Links, we have gathered various Flying Associations/Clubs, Authorities and other “good to know” links.  

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BC Floatplane Association
Seaplane club from British Columbia in Canada.                                               

FSSA – Finnish Sea- & Skiplane Association
The Finnish Sea- & Skiplane Association                                          

KSAK – Kungliga Svenska Aeroplan Klubben
KSAK is the 2nd oldest aviation club in the world – founded the 15th of December 1900.  

NSSA – Norwegian Ski- & Seaplane Association
The Norwegian Ski- & Seaplane Association

SAFE – Seaplane Association´s Federation of Europe
A common website for all the Flying Associations and Clubs within  Europe

Seaplane Pilot Association
The worlds largest seaplane pilot association.                                                             

Swedish Ultraflyers
SUF, founded in 1984 and today Sweden´s largest UL-flight school and UL-Club

TSK – Täby Sjöflygklubb
A Swedish seaplane flying club in Täby  

Restaurants & Cafés

There are several nice restaurants and cafés that can be reached with your seaplane. To fly out into the dusk, landing at a lovely bridge and having a good meal, and maybe combine it with an overnight stay is a wonderful experience. Just be aware of the security and to carefully check where it is appropriate to land.

Under this section we have listed various restaurants, cafes etc.

Are you a member of SSA and acquired the “SSAs Sjöflyghandbok” there is a chapter with maps, coordinates and other important information, clearly showing some lovely places.

There are a number of restaurants and cafés both in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia, so we would be very greatful if you are wiloing to share your recommendations. Please send to


Restaurants in the Stockholm archipelago
Here you find all the restaurants in the Stockholm archipelago with surroundings.


Visit Skärgården
On this website you can both reserve accommodation, find restaurants in the archipelago and other useful information regarding the archipelago.


Grafair – Sjöflyget
The Flight company Grafair, located at Bromma Airport offers taxi flights, round flights, events, transport etc.

A Swedish forum for pilots


Flygtorget is an interactive channel for the commercial flights and flying industry in Sweden
Weather reports with coastal reports

Pilotmagazinet is an internet based magazine for pilots

SMHI weather
Weather reports

Transportstyrelsen is a Swedish Authority working to ensure safe aviation. Here are links to the most sought after information for you as a private pilot or passenger.

YR weather
Norwegian weather reports