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Our mission is to be the voice of the seaplane community and to represent the interests of seaplane enthusiasts on the federal, state, and local levels. Flying seaplanes means that you are free to fly, but with responsibility....

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What a great summer we had and yet it is not over! We would be more than happy if you could send some of your photos and stories from your flight experiences from the summer, both for publishing on...
Now images and information from the annual meeting and seaplane gathering in Årsunda are available on the website. Please see, Seaplane gatherings, 2012, Annual meeting for more information. (An...
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Members are invited to join the SSA Annual Meeting which will be held Saturday, 27 june 2020. Due to the Corona-situation the meeting will not be at Idre as earlier planned. Instead it will be an...
This section will be updated with more activities during 2020 as soon as the webmaster recieves information about it.      June Annual meeting: 27 June 2020 - more info here JulyMountain flying week:...
Members are invited to join the SSA Annual Meeting which will be held Saturday, 15 june 2019. The location will be at lake Flåren, which is near Feringe airport (ESMG) in southern Sweden. We will be...
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Seaplane Fly-in in Bergfall, Norway, 25-28 May

Our Norwegian seaplane colleagues invited us to the first international Seaplane Fly-in, in Bergfall, Norway. The event took place between the 25th to 28th of May.

If you attended the meeting, please forward information and images to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information see: www.fjordparadies.no


Briefing Seaplane meeting at Bergfall, Kristiansund Norway 25 - 29.05.2012

Dear participants, as a good tradition for airplane meetings here is a short briefing for all pilots providing some details to asssure a safe operation:

From Kristiansund you follow the Vinjefjord northbound. In the third fjord arm to the west you will find the bay of Bergfall. For details see the maps and pictures.
The coordinates are: 63º 12´N 8º 35´E `
Make sure you have established radio contact with Kristiansund Kvernberget tower 121.2 for traffic information. The Vinjefjord is the common north- south routing for ambulance helicopters.

Stay well above 1000ft all the time as there are several power lines crossing the Vinjefjord. In the approach area around Bergfall there is no powerlines except one about 5NM west of Bergfall where the little fjord arm narrows.
Power lines are difficult to detect from the air! So be careful.
For local traffic information and coordination we have established a ground frequency 123,45. Please establish contact about 5 min prior arrival (and state your EAT, intentions and people on board)

There will be a little ramp for the LSA and microlight aircraft which can be parked on the plain..
For the floatplanes there will be a floating dock (plastic material) to leave about 1m ground clearance during low tide.
There will be 3 boats in standby for rescue services.

There will be avgas available at the seaplane base as well as at the airport (10 min flight time)
Opening hours Kvernberget airport and details you will find attached in the airport directory.
For flight planning purposes, you will find weather information and airport charts at:

Important information to download (in pdf):

Area Chart
Airport Chart
Airport Directory
VFR Routes

If there are any questions left please contact me.
Have a safe flight!
Daniel Boden
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tlf. +47-97419525

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